Based in Reunion Island and established in 2007, Australe Representation specialises in the business of wholesale supplies and industrial equipment for various industries, including construction, agriculture, minerals and energy. It operates locally as well as in the Indian Ocean, namely in Madagascar, Mauritius and The Comoros islands.

Australe Representation needed a brand new logo and visual identity that reflects its activity in the Austral area. The keywords used were a ‘unique’ and ‘elegant’ identity for its area of expertise.

Crealys devised a logo composed of 2 distinctive parts, the typography and the symbol. The typography for the word ‘Australe’ was personalized with a combination of 2 fonts xx and xx to create a unique elegant visual whereas the typography for ‘Representation’ denotes the corporate aspect of the business. Inspired by the popularity of the sugarcane plantation industry across the Austral area, we decided to design a sugarcane flower symbol. The indigo blue colour was used to represent the Indian Ocean and silver hot foil was just our luxury touch.