By Duarte is a luxury lifestyle company with an innovative concept that offers refined, creative and unique experiences and counselling to its clients. Its services range from ‘Events and Catering’, ‘Fine Dining and Clubbing’ to ‘Beauty and Well Being’ and ‘Photography and Design’. In other words, By Duarte delivers exclusive services that will be valued and remembered by both its clients and their entourage.

Our challenge was to design a visual identity that would serve as the face of the company. The client required us to base our design on an original logo and on the cotton flower bud, symbolising the company’s values of ‘refinement, mythical splendour and authenticity’. The concept being that no matter what the client wishes, By Duarte will make it happen.

Crealys re-designed By Duarte’s logo into a stylish and sophisticated figure that inspires a high level of professionalism and confidence. We further developed the company’s visual identity around illustrations of cotton flower buds carefully moulded into an elegant pattern. The designed motif and logo have been used for the website and business cards and will be used to brand any collateral to ensure a consistency of expression.