Nira Hotels & Resorts includes hotels that form part of The Leading Hotels of the World. Born from the pursuit of excellence and always striving for perfection, Nira Hotels & Resorts offers exclusive hotel and dining experiences to its clients and has a reputation that is preciously and constantly looked after.

Nira Hotels & Resorts has strict brand identity guildelines created by a London based agency. The guidelines under no circumstances should be sidetracked. Crealys had to design powerful visuals in accordance with the prestigious image of the brand while being cost effective and carrying out rigorous quality control.

Abiding to the guidelines, we design collaterals, such as credo cards and tailor-made boxes, which are used across all the hotels and resorts of Nira. We constantly select from a choice of prime textured and coloured papers from different local suppliers and make sure that the quality is at its best and consistent with the existing brand image.